Our Team

Our Team

Royal Nepal Adventure firmly believes in team effort and partnership. Our team is truly our greatest strength and the most valuable asset of our company. Royal Nepal Adventure boasts a young and diverse team of employees, comprising of cooks, porters, guides, high altitude climbers, ground handling officers and office assistants. Though we all come from different parts of Nepal, we are united by one single goal which is offering exceptional service to our clients from all over the world. Our team is strongly bonded together by a common thread of solidarity, co-operation and mutual support. It will be our utmost pleasure to welcome you to the land of the Majestic Himalayas.

Rishi Kumar

Mountaineer, Environmental Activist & Managing Director

Rishi Kumar grew up in a village called Ichowk in the Sindhupalchowk district of Nepal, on the way to Langtang National Park. His father was a farmer and died when he was a teenager. Rishi got his education from a local government school. When he was a child he was very curious about Tourists who came to the Langtang region trekking through his village. When he completed high school he moved to Kathmandu to further his education and to find employment. While Rishi was studying in Kathmandu he started working as a porter for a reputable trekking company. It was the perfect seasonal job and allowed plenty of time for his studies. Rishi worked hard and was promoted to a position of trekking guide. Now he is certified for climbing, trekking and as a tour guide. Only a few guide in Nepal have all of these qualifications. He can speak English, Spanish, Hindi, Urdu and Bengali fluently besides Nepali of course! Along with this he has got a degree from Tribhuvan university in Management and IT. He has also studied Buddhism and Hinduism at a different Institution. After working in the Nepalese tourism industry for 10 years, he has now started his own trekking company called Royal Nepal Adventure. He is running this company with his wife, Sarita and a group of young, energetic and experienced youths. He wants to generate jobs for people from the mountain region and stimulate the local economy through his work. Being an ardent supporter of eco-tourism in Nepal, he aims to help protect and preserve this beautiful environment for future generations of trekkers to enjoy.

Entrepreneur, Social Activist & Chairperson

Sarita Pokharel looks after the finances and day-to-day management of Royal Nepal Adventure. She was born in Gokarna village which is near the Kathmandu valley. She has a Masters Degree in Hotel Management from Tribhuvan University. She is very experienced in the hospitality sector. She now runs the Royal Nepal Adventure Company with her husband Rishi and a group of young, energetic and experienced youths. Apart from this Sarita is heavily involved in Social work and improving the rights and equality of woman. In Nepalese society, a woman is expected to stay at home and is not allowed or encouraged to work. Sarita is working to promote the empowerment of women through adventure tourism. Her goal is to encourage her fellow Nepali sisters to become self-supportive, independent, decision making women. She is creating a training program to teach local women the necessary skills for trekking and guiding. She is striving to demonstrate that women are mentally, physically and emotionally as strong as men. She is collaborating with foreign teachers for the volunteer teaching projects and to carry out the local awareness programs; sanitation, women empowerment, health projects etc, in conjunction with the local NGO’s and Village Development Committee.

Sarita Pokharel

Meet the Local Guide Team

Our guides are highly experienced mountain guides with academic backgrounds in natural sciences, geology and geography. They are all born and raised in Nepal and will, during the hike, be sharing with participants their knowledge of the natural surroundings, as well as the history and culture of the area.

DK Bahadur

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