Dolpo is the largest territorial district in Nepal. It is certainly one of the most beautiful and splendid place. The exotic sites and natural sceneries lures people all over the world , thus making it a must visit destination. Dolpo has been captured beautifully on film by the renowned director Eric Valli in his movie “Caravan”.

In sharp contrast to its size Dolpo’s economy is frail and dependent. Its absolute disconnection from the outside world has cost Dolpolis adversely. Till this day Dolpo is far off from road connection. The high mountainous terrain makes any form of navigation difficult and to certain extent impossible. The lack of sufficient arable land affects annual food production thereby resulting in an incessant dependency on state subsidized food distribution scheme. Modern industries, trade and services are yet to implant a meaningful foothold in Dolpo. As grim a picture this may portray, Dolpo is actually quite rich. Besides omnipresent water resource, it is bestowed with bountiful precious herbs and mineral deposits. In only last decade, Yarshagumba -a semi worm, semi fungi abundantly found in the alpine altitude– emerged as a single dominant lucrative item of trade. Similarly, Silagit, a mineral with multi therapeutic value extensively used in Tibetan medicine, is also widely harvested in the overhanging cliffs of Dolpo.

Dolpo’s attraction is its rich religious and cultural heritage, thousands years history inherited from the ancestors. In Upper Dolpo’s vast arid land bordering China live some of Dolpo’s indigenous people with close cultural, linguistic, and racial resemblance to the people of Western Tibet. These people have lived in Dolpo for almost 4000 years preserving the early Tibetan Buddhist teachings and rituals till this day.


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